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Posted on 20. August 2015 in On Flute Life

The Salerno University Dormitory

The Salerno University Dormitory

In the first week of August this year, I had the pleasure of being a part of a wonderful flute project at the University of Salerno, not far from the magical Amalfi coast in southern Italy. Falaut president Salvatore Lombardi had invited more than 30 professional flutists to teach and perform during six intense days at the summer festival


at the Fisciano campus of the University of Salerno — half an hour from Naples.


Beautiful Amalfi — 35 minutes by boat from Salerno

Classes and masterclasses during the day were interspersed with lectures and lunchtime concerts. In the evening, a string of internationally acclaimed soloists displayed the full gamut of flute artistry, from the most tender sounds to sheer stupendous pyrotechnic displays of flute virtuosity.

All in all, the event was a proof of the vitality of the Italian flute scene, and it is obvious that there is a lot of talent in the ranks of the younger Italian flutists.

Any player looking for inspiration and improvement should check out falautcampus for the summer of 2016!